Using the gifts that God blessed us with to create items that will last for generations to come!

Deer Lake Designs is family owned and operated. We are an all American company that follows Christian values. We believe that all of our gifts are blessings from our Lord and Savior and praise Him in all things that we do. What started out as a hobby to build a few items around our house has turned into a passion for quality! We build every item individually with great care and pride. What really drives us is the fact that it seems like every piece of furniture that is sold in a "big box" type chain store these days is not built to last for more than a few years. It's darn near impossible to buy a piece of furniture that isn't built with low grade materials that will fall apart in such a short time. Our furniture is made with high quality products that are handcrafted and put together to stand the test of time from generation to generation. We are from the generation that it seemed unusual if our grandparents didn't have some type of workshop either in the garage, basement, or a shop out in the backyard where ideas went from paper to not only a beautiful piece but a functional finished product. We, at Deer Lake Designs are proud to be bringing some of that tradition back to life and we truly believe that Home IS Where the Heart is!!